Ten Marketers Who Are Crushing It With Live Video


Ten Marketers Who Are Crushing It With Live Video

These leaders demonstrate how to connect with a live audience.

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Video marketing is as old as movies. Businesses know how to use video and TV commercials to build stories, create brands, and engage audiences. But live audience is very different. It doesn’t just come with the tension involved in live broadcasts, it’s also a two-way communications channel. As the audiences watch, they can respond and ask questions.

That creates a whole new set of benefits–and new challenges to meet them. Here are ten marketers who have figured it out and are crushing it with live video.

Allen Gannett

Allen Gannett is the author of The Creative Curve, a book that explores creativity and ways to encourage it. He’s also the COO of Skyword, a content marketing platform, so he knows a thing or two about selling. His LinkedIn page contains short, one-question interviews with marketing experts but he also does occasional longer live videos in which he answers viewers’ questions. They’re great examples of authenticity and audience participation.

Judi Fox

Allen Gannett likes to do his live videos on LinkedIn. Judi Fox is a LinkedIn expert so it’s no surprise that she also does her broadcasts from the professional social media platform. She explains how to use it, brings in people to interview, and isn’t afraid to show what’s involved in a live broadcast.

Kristin Gallucci

Like Judi Fox, Kristin Gallucci, is also LinkedIn expert; she’s a LinkedIn Top Voice. But note how neither she nor Judi Fox restrict live video’s interactivity to the videos themselves. They also ask their audiences what they want to see in those live videos. Two-way communication is at the heart of live video’s unique engagement. They’ve nailed that interaction.

Luria Petrucci

Luria Petrucci is best known for  making videos for Geekbeat.tv–and for making a cameo appearance in a GoDaddy Super Bowl ad. Now though, she teaches the four pillars of live video: technology, content, audience, and money.

Molly Mahoney

Luria Petrucci is all about the ideas and the strategies that lie behind live video. Molly Mahoney focuses on what happens in front of the camera. She teaches marketers to act with confidence when they go live so that they can boost their connections and make more sales. Her preferred platform is Facebook Live and she also uses Belive.tv, a third party provider, to add even more live features to Facebook.

Owen Video

Belive.tv makes it easy to create split-screen interviews. So you can interview someone online–or even a group of people–and you can show questions on the screen so that viewers can see what you’re discussing. It’s no surprise that Owen Video also uses it. He runs the Video Marketing School, a training center with a specialization in live video. It explains how to use sound, book guests, monetize audiences and a whole lot more.

Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams has been active in the video industry for more than two decades. Focused now on live video and podcasts, he’s also an avid user of BeLive.TV, using it for broadcasts that are both entertaining and interactive. Use his videos as examples of how live video can be energetic, lively and fun.

Jennifer Quinn

Jennifer Quinn is the author of Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand, and has run a digital marketing company since 2007. She’s conducted more than 450 live interviews–which certainly makes her one of the most experienced live broadcasters–while her JennyQ Show has been described as Facebook Live’s First Variety Show.

Christina Brady

Christina Brady is, with Michael Bryant, Chow-Bryant, a marketing consultancy whose services include live stream consulting. The company teaches Twitch.tv, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live, and while Jeff Adams and Jennifer Quinn focus on style, Chow-Bryant is all about understanding a community, identifying equipment, and planning content.

Kerry Shearer

Finally, Kerry Shearer is a communications expert, with a focus on Periscope, although he also talks about Facebook Live and YouTube. His Techstore will help to make sure that you’re properly equipped, even when you’re broadcasting with little more than your smartphone or tablet.

These experts are leading the way in live video broadcasting, and showing that talking directly with audiences can build relationships and grow businesses.

Published on: May 28, 2019
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