Pop Ups Are An Adrenaline Shot For Retail

Tired of the same old retail experience? You’re not alone. Many shoppers experience retail fatigue as they grow tired of repeatedly seeing the same products and services.

But shoppers and retailers are about to get a shot of adrenaline with new pop-up shops. Westfield Malls, which operates more than 100 shopping centers around the world, will soon roll out a pop-up concept at select mall locations. For a few days each month, the malls will turn small areas into gallery-like showrooms called “So Major.” So Major is a company that curates the shops carefully with hand-picked inventory. Each month will feature a new theme for the items. The first theme is health and wellness, and the showroom will feature specially created items from brands like Fitbit, Pair of Thieves and Vooray that aren’t available anywhere else. The July theme is travel, and the August theme is fall fashion.

Unlike most other stores in the mall, customers won’t actually be able to bring the items home right away. After seeing the collection, they’ll be given access to a website to order the items. Products are only released to the general public if they don’t sell out during the three weeks after the shop is open.

Pop-up shops have been growing in recent years, with many brands opening short-term retail locations in cities around the world. Bringing the pop-up concept to the shopping mall makes the idea more mainstream and expands it to multiple brands. In our modern experience economy, creating an environment where customers can touch, see and smell things creates a memorable experience. Instead of just skimming through racks or browsing items online, really experiencing a carefully selected inventory can help items stand out in shoppers’ minds. Only being able to see the items for three days a month also adds a sense of urgency and exclusivity to the items, which can be a huge draw for customers.

The pop-up concept redefines the customer shopping experience. Being the first person to try a new product or buy a limited-edition item adds excitement that has long been missing from retail. Instead of buying generic, mass-produced items, pop-ups will feature specialty items from smaller brands. The monthly theme makes it possible for customers to find unique items without having to sort through hundreds of pieces in stores or online. Limited inventory of just 10-12 items a month in the showroom setting creates a more intimate and personalized shopping experience where sales associates can get to know customers and deliver a customized experience. As Westfield learns more about its pop-up customers, it will be able to tailor future monthly themes and products to meet their needs.

Rotating themes and products also allows So Major to appeal to a wide variety of customers, both male and female. The showrooms will feature low-end and high-end products to fit every customer’s budget. The pop-up concept is also enticing for brands that want to attract new customers without having to fight for space in a traditional retail store.

Retail fatigue could soon be a thing of the past after a much-needed excitement boost from pop-up shops. The concept shows the need of modern customers to truly interact with products and enjoy a specialty and personalized experience.

Blake Morgan is a keynote speaker, customer experience futurist and the author of two books including her new “The Customer Of The Future.” Stay in touch with her weekly on her newsletter

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    Tired of the same old retail experience? You’re not alone. Many shoppers experience retail fatigue as they grow tired of repeatedly seeing the s
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