In Procurement, You Can Have It All (Just Not All At Once)

Overhaul your procurement function – one piece at a time.

Let’s hit the ground crawling. That’s not a very popular notion in business these days, but if you bite off more new procurement processes than you’re ready or willing to chew, you could end up unintentionally choking your business.

Comprehensive source-to-settle solutions are great, but if yours is a growing midsize company, you might want to start by solving a specific sourcing issue. Or by answering a contracting problem. Or by focusing on the spending challenges you’re facing. You may want to address the biggest source of your pain first.

In other words, end-to-end isn’t always the first answer. In fact, there are solutions that allow you to improve in a particular area, realize the value of that improvement, and when the time is right, expand and deliver a greater return on investment.

Today, invoicing; tomorrow, the world

Let’s say you “simply” need a way to automate buying and invoicing. You are looking for a solution that’s easy to deploy, easy to administer, and easy to adopt. We are happy to report that these options exist, and, in some cases, can be up and running in a matter of weeks. If you choose the right solution for your needs, you will be able to:

Plug it in and start buying.

  • It’s preconfigured with the most common spending categories in your industry.
  • Best-practice workflows are built right in, so your work simply flows.

Get instant access to millions of suppliers.

  • Work with local suppliers, global suppliers, or suppliers wherever you need them.
  • Buy from a trusted marketplace on day one.
  • Onboard new suppliers easily, digitally, and for free.
  • Find who you’re looking for, as accurate supplier info is automatically updated and centralized.

Buying and invoicing aren’t the issue? What about sourcing? Or something else? No matter what part of the procurement process you want to tackle, you can pick and choose what works for you. By implementing a solution devoted to increasing your success with sourcing events, you can see savings as high as 15% – regardless of your business size, industry, or geography.

Want to take on contracts? You could start there, too. Get rid of paper processes, radically speed up contract cycles, and reduce both administrative and legal costs by big margins.

Get started with automating that one piece of your procurement process and begin reaping the rewards.

Make someone happy

By taking a more simplified approach, you likely won’t hear as many complaints; instead, your stakeholders will be left asking for more. In the meantime, employees will enjoy consumer-simple buying tools, finance will have better control over cost and procurement processes, payables will appreciate automated reconciliation, and your controller will have a better handle on working capital management. In a nutshell, your company will have a super-simple system – packaged and priced to fit your business and designed to scale as you grow.

You don’t have to do it all, because the right solution will do exactly what you need. Adopting a “crawl, walk, run” philosophy means that you don’t have to take on everything at once if you don’t want to. Just take what you need, put it to work, and reap the rewards quickly. When you’re ready for another round of success, then you can expand into more areas of the solution.

Ready, set, crawl!

To learn more about SAP Ariba solutions for midsize and growing businesses, visit us online.

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