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The success of your new product press release getting published in the news can often decide on the success of your product/sales.

In this guide I’ll show you how you can write a successful press release to grab the attention of journalists and bloggers and ultimately get your product seen by your target audience.

Towards the bottom, you’ll find a few useful new product launch press release examples that’ll get you inspired.

If you’re short on time, check out our new product announcement press release template. It includes everything you need to have the correct format. However, for the best results, I recommend reading this whole post.

Remember the basics of writing and pitching a press release

Writing and pitching product launch press release is no different from any other press release.

You still need the standard press release format.

You still need to be pitching to relevant journalists & bloggers interested in your topic/industry.

You still need to remember about trying to establish a human connection with whoever you’re writing to, and not mass mailing everybody.

Let’s go over these press release basics in regard to writing about a new product.

Product launch press release format

Include the following in your product press release:

  • Headline – an attention-grabbing headline about your product. Make it count!
  • Lead – a brief overview of the story, including answers to the questions: Who? What? When? Why? With what effect?
  • Dateline – to confirm that you’re providing the most up-to-date information.
  • Body – an explanation of the information provided earlier in the lead, starting from the most newsworthy info about your product and finishing with secondary details.
  • Company info – a short paragraph about your company and its products to help journalists understand the nature of the business and make writing about it easier.
  • Media contact information – the author or company’s/agency’s contact information.

Find journalists and bloggers interested in the type of product that you’re writing about

A key factor in getting your press release picked up by the media is writing to relevant journalists and bloggers. An easy way to find find media contacts interested in your topic is by using a media contacts database. You can search by topic (and location), such as: cosmetics, beer, or cloud computing.

If you have a bit of time, you can then do some more research. If you’re writing a press release about a new line of natural cosmetics for example, check which of the journalists/bloggers that you found are strictly interested in natural and organic products. It’ll improve your chances of getting noticed and published.

Write a press release headline that gets your product noticed

The headline of your press release (and also the subject of your media pitch email) is crucial to getting your press release read or even email opened.

I recommend spending a bit more time on it and making sure it’s attention-grabbing and mentions your product’s USP (unique selling proposition).

Add exciting features and benefits that’ll make people stop what they’re doing and read what your product has to offer. Try including numbers in your headline/e-mail subject – they’re proven to improve open rates.

Remember – your headline needs something that’ll get your audience intrigued. Stay away from boring titles such as [Company] Launches “New Product”.

If readers are asking themselves “so what?”, then you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re out of ideas – Grammarly has a guide on creating a catchy headline.

Bubble T Cosmetics created a catchy headline by mentioning their collaboration with influencer Ling.KT

Focus on the unique features and benefits of your product

It’s doesn’t make sense to write about a product that seems just like every other, does it?

Focus on making your product stand out from the rest by emphasising on unique features and benefits. Depending on your product and target audience, you’ll want to focus more on one or the other.

If you’re targeting a very particular and specific audience, especially in the B2B sector it can be a better idea to focus on the technical features of your product. Stick to the point and mention the objectively superior qualities of your product.

Otherwise, it’s best to bring attention to your product by showcasing how it’ll benefit your customers and improve their day-to-day lives. Think about how using your product can be easier, simpler or more enjoyable than what the competition has to offer.

I’ve added a list of questions to make it easier:

  • Why is it worth writing about this particular product?
  • What are its unique features?
  • How will it contribute to the consumers’ lives?
  • What makes it different from other products?
  • Can you somehow compare it to the products offered by your competitors?
  • Does your product come in different varieties and sizes?
  • Is there a formal product launch ceremony?

Include high-quality photos and videos displaying your new product

Unless you have a boring, non-visual product, adding photos & videos to your product press release is an absolute must.

If you want your product to get noticed, you should support it with relevant pictures, photos, videos, logos, and even animated gifs.

If you’re unfamiliar with visual press releases, check out these press release templates and examples.

However, avoid attachments as much as possible.

That means you shouldn’t send out emails with any attached images or videos (especially large files), resulting in a gigantic and possibly confusing email that will clog up journalists’ inboxes.

But what if you want to send out a press release that contains lots of high-quality and high-res images or videos (and because it’s a way to make product more attractive for the press – why wouldn’t you)?

Instead of adding attachments to your product press release email, try this:

  • Create a digital press release (using a press release creator like Prowly or using a CMS)
  • Add your photos, videos & other rich media (such as Facebook posts or Twitter conversations) directly to your press release
  • Post it online to your brand newsroom
  • Share it with journalists’ using a lightweight shareable link (plus, you’ll be able to track open and click rates and see who’s reading your emails)

New product press release examples

Below you’ll find 3 different types of new product press release examples to inspire you to create your own.

Each press release was created with Prowly’s Press Release Creator, which lets you easily create press releases with drag & drop elements and add photos, videos, call-to-action buttons and social media conversations to your press release.

New cosmetics product press release example

New food product press release example

New product line press release example

Conclusion – how to create a product launch press release

By now you should know the basics of creating an effective product press release and pitching it successfully. Lets sum up the essentials:

Every product press release should contain:

  • An attractive headline that features unique benefits & features of your product
  • The standard elements of a press release: Headline, dateline, lead, body, company info, media contact information
  • A specific audience that it’s targetted to (find a list of relevant journalists!)
  • Information on why your product is worth talking about and why anyone should be excited about it
  • Attractive photos and/or videos of your product added directly to the press release (avoid attachments!)

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