10 visual examples of artificial intelligence at its best

Are you wondering what artificial intelligence is and what it looks like today?

Look at self-driven cars. They used to be nothing but a part of all sci-fi enthusiasts’ imagination. And now they’re on the roads of most 1st world countries. Even activities like booking appointments, troubleshooting, customer care and supply chain management can now be done by machines. There have been drones developed that can deliver orders and robots that perform shipping and manufacturing duties.

But seeing is believing, right? So here are a few videos which demonstrate how far artificial intelligence has advanced.

Boston Dynamics assisting bot

In this video, there is a robot dog which is not sure about how to go beyond the barrier of a door that is in front of it. It eventually does open the door, and even moves aside to allow another robot to come in. This is the magic of artificial intelligence and machine learning!

In fact, a few days ago the robustness of this bot got checked. The eagerness of the bot to finish what it is supposed to do is really something worth watching.

Amazon’s store bots

In case you are wondering how Amazon stocks inventories and prepares orders, here is an explanation. They have artificial intelligence stocks systems in place. Which automate the activities that take place at the warehouse. These systems which weigh 145 Kgs and are sixteen  inches tall, have access to data regarding order details, delivery due dates, stock etc. They’ve converted Amazon warehouses into very efficient delivery hubs for cities.

Autonomous motorbike operating bot

Valentine Rossi has won the MotoGP race many times. Another bot named Motobot tried to defeat Valentine. Unfortunately, though, it never succeeded. The video of that contest however is pretty amazing. One thing that stood out about the Motobot, was that the bike it used was not modified in any way. The whole process was operated by the bot with the help of its 6 actuators. The actuators are capable of accelerating and maneuvering the bike with any kind of information point.

The DeepMind AI for Google

DeepMind created an AI which learned how to run, walk, climb and jump without anyone guiding it. The recording showing this is pretty unbelievable. The bot was never equipped with any information, but it was able to learn how to move. There is a video which shows an avatar designed by a program that navigates obstacles which were put on its way. The robot only needs an incentive to get to every point.

The interview with a bot named Sophia

This is a very popular humanoid robot whose brilliance has greatly improved since she was created. Her existence has brought drastic change to way the world looks at ‘robots’. In some recorded interviews, she provided unconventional answered to the questions put to her. While she impressed some, she put others on the edge of their seats with unease. Whatever the reaction was though, it’s safe to say that Sophie is a game changing AI. As her brilliantly crafted responses have shown.

AI system, Atlas

This is a bipedal humanoid robot which was designed by Boston Dynamics, a US robotics company. This artificial system can make various movements like a person or even better than a person. The robot can sense obstacles and avoid them when moving around. It can do parkour, backflips and can run through snow.

Atlas was even taught Kung Fu. The way it’s mastered the martial art form is impressive, and it is likely to do more in the future.

The burger cooking robot, Flippy

Flippy got designed by Miso Company using 3D, PC vision and thermal vision. This system got trained in how to prepare burgers. The extensive understanding model was created using information about the available ingredients and appliances in the cookhouse. The temperature for when the grill heats up and the correct temperature for preparing burgers are all controlled by the AI. If the kitchen puts food on a grill, the Flippy system will sense where it is located.

Google Duplex

We cannot fail to mention this system here. It was launched recently during the IO congress. This Artificial Intelligence device makes systems appear like real people. It can talk like a person and it can do tasks that people do.

At its heart, there is a periodic neural network created with TensorFlow Extended. And to make it seem more real, speeches such as “hmm” and “um” have been included in it.

Amazon Go

This is not really a robot. It is an artificial intelligence technology that is bringing great changes in the retail and shopping fields. It is a shop which does not have a cashier. Clients can scan their app when they enter the shop. After that, they go in, take whatever they need and go away. The customers pay for the items immediately they leave the store. With such systems, the way customers are served is changing. They no longer need to queue to check out. This technology has been thought of for so long and it is finally here.

Daddy’s car, music created by AI

In this video, the first ever music created by AI is contained. Daddy’s car music was created at a research lab. The researchers created FlowMachines which is a system which learns the various styles of singing from a big database of songs. FlowMachines exploits a great combination of interacting styles, optimization and transfer. It creates musing using various styles.


Artificial intelligence is becoming more human each day. Every industry including gambling in online UK casinos is likely to start applying artificial intelligence in order to function efficiently. What do you think about the videos and the intelligence definition we have described here? Do you know any other videos that you feel we should have included here? Write to us and feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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